On May 25, 1938 the Kaysville Rotary Cub was organized and in July 1938 they received their charter.
An article in the Ogden Standard Examiner on July 13, 1938 said:
"Sixty members of the Ogden Rotary Cub will go to Kaysville this evening to attend the charter night banquet of the new club in Davis County, sponsored by the Ogden Rotarians. The new club has a membership of 30. The charter will be presented by Henry Dworshak of Burley, Idaho, and accepted for the club by President J. J. Bowman. Mr. Dworshak is retiring district governor. Three hundred invitations have been issued for the banquet, which will be held in Davis County High School. Addresses will be by W. H Loos, retiring president of the Ogden club; PH Mulcahy of Ogden; Mayor George W. Barnes of Kaysville, and Gilbert W. Williams, incoming district governor. Service was the subject of an address at the Ogden club meeting today by Col Andrew Crawford, retiring secretary for the Salvation Army for the western states and Hawaii."
The Rotary motto "Service Above Self" inspires members to provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards, and promote good will and peace in the world. There are 12 million professional and business leaders who are Rotary Cub members worldwide in more than 33,000 clubs in more than 200 countries. Strong fellowship among Rotarians and meaningful community service projects characterize the Rotary Cub.
Some of the projects the Kaysville Rotary Cub have contributed to include: Kaysville City Hall pavilion, Ponds Park walkway, annual July 4th race, donation of books and dictionaries to 3rd graders in the Kaysville and South Weber schools, donation of "I Like Me" books to every 1st grader, sponsor of Davis High School students to attend leadership training at RYLA and participate with Youthlinc, sponsor of Rotary Foreign Youth Exchange, provided glasses to families who could not afford them, annually provide a scholarship fund to the DATC Foundation for Students, and many other similar projects.

Kaysville Rotary Club Presidents

1938 Junior J. Bowman
1982 Reed L. Adams 
1939 D. Keith Barnes 
1983 Richard B. Waite 
1940 Myron W. Phillips 
1984 Jack L. Oram 
1941 William H King
1985 Joseph L. Lundstrom 
1942 Earl L. Tall 
1986 Lawrence C. Jansen 
1943 Newell V. Sanders 
1987 Michael W. Waggoner 
1944 Herbert J. Barnes 
1988 Lynn B. Neiderhauser
1945 Thomley K. Swan 
1989 Stan Albiston
1946 Orville Larson 
1990 Leon Heaps
1947 Rulon D. Barnes 
1991 John Sanders
1948 Ronald Tippetts 
1992 Norris R Nalder
1949 Ernest H. Scoffield 
1993 Lamont D. Tingey
1950 Wallace King 
1994 Mike Hadley
1951 E. Lee Liston 
1995 Lynn B. Neiderhauser
1952 G. Gibbs Smith 
1996 Michael Murphy
1953 E. Van Sanders 
1997 Bruce Jensen
1954 Wayne K. Sheffield 
1998 Dean S. Holman
1955 Dale L. Barton 
1999 Larry Jansen
1956 Harold J. Gailey 
2000 Leon Heaps
1957 T. Leland Frost 
2001 Howard McRoberts
1958 L. Dee Sanders 
2002 John Sanders
1959 Ernest R Little 
2003 Kay Godfrey
1960 Wells F. Collett 
2004 Layne Kamalu
1961 Howard L. Cloward 
2005 Terry Behunin
1962 J. Howard Bonnemort 
2006 Brent Petersen
1963 George W. Lowe 
2007 Randy Cook
1964 A Hollis Grange
2008 Brian Cook
1965 T. Steven Rushforth 
2009 William McGuire
1966 Richard C Bowman 
2010 Ron Davenport
1967 Eldon L. Frost 
2011 Val Petersen
1968 Glen W. Cundall 
2012 Doug Smith
1969 R.A.F. McCormick 
2013 Kent D. Smith
1970 Gerald A Purdy 
2014 Christopher Bauco
1971 Ben F. Holbrook 
2015 Adam Wills
1972 George L. Talbot 
2016 Adam Wills
1973 S. Clyde Kemp 
2017 Charles Nope
1974 H. Glenn Austin 
1975 David T. Sanders 
1976 Norris W Nalder 
1977 Cecil L. Hough 
1978 Dean . Holman 
1979 E. Dwain Buchanan 
1980 C. Udell Green 
1981 Gar T. Elison