The Utah Pork Producers Association (UPPA) addressed the Kaysville Rotary Club, and it was about a lot more than BACON!
Allison Fiscus, the Executive Director of the UPPA, educated us on how pig farming has progressed over the years. There are very thurough guidelines for keeping their product safe for consumption as well as humane for the animals.
We learned about trucking restrictions that prohibit the animals from being trucked long distances, and also during hours that will keep the pigs at a comfortable temperature.
She also put to bed the old myth of needing to cook your pork until it is burnt to avoid getting sick. The current standard is to simply cook your pork to 145 degrees and it is ok to eat it moist and a little pink.
We were given a sweet bag of goodies, with information, coupons, and even some pork jerky to eat! (Picture below)
Thank you for the education Allison Fiscus & the Utah Pork Association. You can learn more about them on their website at or on their Facebook page at