As we reflect on this past year it is amazing the impact that each of us can have on our community.  It is even more amazing how much a group of people all doing good in the community can do!  Kaysville Rotary Club did 9 service projects, 3 socials, 1 fundraiser and countless more things that helped the community.  Thank you to all of our club members for all the good you do each day.

4th of July Race - July 2021

Our club sponsors the annual Kaysville 4th of July 5K/10K. This is our main fundraiser for the year.  We collect sponsors and registration to earn our funds. 


Days for Girls 2021-2022

We have helped several times on site with this group to assemble or disassemble kits. We took several of the boxes back to our meetings and rolled them after sorting into appropriate sizes, styles and designs so they could be added to the kits.


Meet the Candidates" night

We hosted a "Meet the Candidates" night at the DTC where each candidate could have a small display, introduce themselves in 5 minutes and then mingle and meet the people that attended.  This was a great success.


Meet the Candidates" night Q&A

We hosted a "Meet the Candidates" night at Annies Resturant where each candidate could answer the predetermined questions so the people that attended could get an idea of where they stood on the matters that were facing the city. 

This years’ election was for Mayor and City Council positions.  This was a great success.

Kaysville "Business Supporting Business"

Rotary helped to organize Kaysville "Business Supporting Business" with 3 - 4 other Kaysville organizations.  This meeting is held 1 time a month and is open to everyone that would like to network and learn how to grow a business.



Thanksgiving dinner

We help to collect food and assemble a bag of food that is Thanksgiving dinner for the Francis Peak apartments (low income housing). We collect food from the community, turkeys are donated from the LDS Bishop Storehouse and volunteers from the Mountain Road Church and a local scout troop to organize and distribute.  We do about 60-75 meals.


Sub for Santa

Each year we sponsor about 20 kids for no more than $100 per child and purchase the Christmas gifts that they have written down that they need or want.  We then get those purchases back to Francis Peak and the parents can pick them up and wrap them and get them to the children.


Food collection for new student service center

The DTC has a new student service center to help those students that might need additional help like a quick snack, food, laundry, hygiene items, etc.  We did a Food Collection for Student Services.


Met with a youth group of about 25 to clean up the campsites at the East Mountain Wilderness Park.