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As we reflect on this past year it is amazing the impact that each of us can have on our community.  It is even more amazing how much a group of people all doing good in the community can do!  Kaysville Rotary Club did 9 service projects, 3 socials, 1 fundraiser and countless more things that helped the community.  Thank you to all of our club members for all the good you do each day.
We love the fall. We collect food for our community to provide Thanksgiving Dinners for them.  We also donate to our local food pantries.  We also do gift collection for families in our community that need extra help during the holidays. If you would like to get involved reach out to a Rotarian for more information.
Utah Open Lands Executive Director, Wendy Fisher presented to the Kaysville Rotary Club at our February 17, 2016 weekly meeting. The presentation was quite engaging, very well put together, and Wendy was a fantastic presenter. You can tell that Wendy is very passionate about preserving Utah's beautiful open space.
We had the privilege of hearing from Karl "Willy" Winsness at our weekly meeting on September 23, 2015.
During his 17 years behind bars at the Utah State Prison for shooting and wounding a police officer, Karl "Willy" Winsness watched his two young daughters, Lisa and Jamie, struggle emotionally and financially with his incarceration. 
"They hadn't done anything wrong – they were the victims of my bad choices," Winsness, 64, tells PEOPLE. "The children of inmates are the forgotten victims of crime, and it really bothered me. I wondered for a long time what I could do to help." 
Former Felon Helps Kids with Incarcerated Parents Go to College
It all started with one Kaysville Rotary Club Member reading an article in the newspaper.  This article to be precise...

In summary, Days for Girls (DFG) makes feminine hygiene kits, through sewing and assembling service projects, for Young Women in Africa and other third world countries who do not have reasonable solutions for the proper disposal and distribution of feminine hygiene products. The name of the organization describes the purpose of the kits provided. It allows the girl to get their days back. When they have these products they can attend school full time and get their education. Without these products they stay home for a week each month, and as you can imagine, they are constantly behind in school.
The annual dictionary project is a tradition the Kaysville Rotary Club is proud to continue.  All throughout the United States and other parts of the world, The Dictionary Project partners with Rotary Clubs and other organizations to purchase a dictionary for as many 3rd grade students as possible.  The Kaysville Rotary Club has made it a goal to make sure every 3rd grade student in Kaysville receives a dictionary to call their own. 
The Davis County Sheriff's Search & Rescue, established more than 40 years ago, provides the citizens of Davis County with professional search & rescue services free of charge 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. This 35 member all-volunteer team responds to calls for assistance in the rugged mountains and waterways throughout Davis County. Search & Rescue volunteers spend thousands of hours each year training to ensure that they are able to provide professional service when called upon for assistance. This service is provided under the direction of the Davis County Sheriff's Office. 
Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is a leadership training program sponsored by Rotary International that promotes, encourages and rewards outstanding young people who want to become better leaders. Utah RYLA focuses on participants who are high school sophomores and juniors.

RYLA consists of an all-expense paid three-day conference that brings together a special group of young men and women from across Utah to share ideas about becoming better leaders. Action-packed activities, like problem solving games, challenge course, group discussions and teambuilding activities, help participants build confidence and leadership skills.